The Tartar Steppe

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Big cities are emptying out. People, who can, are buying a house out of town. People, who cannot, are holing up into their home. More and more people do or are forced to work from home. The offices are empty. The cities’ inactive and desert skyscrapers certainly do not look any more like industrious anthills. Most restaurants and bars are closed, as the shops, since it is simpler and less expensive to order everything online. Banks are empty and seem to dismiss the flaunting their power through sumptuous venues.

You can do everything online. Not only that, transactions are no longer made in cash. Our future is looming with bitcoins, which do not need a value reference of gold in the states’ coffers. The trust in the game is something else, since it is guaranteed by algorithms. What will the state form become?

Mobility is advancing rapidly. It is increasingly clear that it will spread faster than you can imagine, reaching a point in which the self-driving car will tell us not to buy a car or even not to have a garage. Urban spaces will change their appearance and function. With the spread of 3D technologies, the mobility of goods will decrease a lot. In fact, it is better to transfer very light and almost intangible files in real time, instead of heavy and bulky goods in a very long time.

Will more highways be needed? Air mobility is set to resume its more than positive trend in the post-Covid era. The territorial structures will be increasingly linked to the airport ABB.

The age of fossil energy is coming to an end and the main issue everywhere will be sustainability, sustainability, sustainability and the circular economy.

Artificial intelligence is practically applied and applicable to everything. Together with cybernetics, it is radically changing the relationship between the production of economic values and work, with socially immense spin-offs. Social security is already under control of the various IoT applications. Facial recognition, spread all around the world, will challenge every ideology of privacy and the very concept of freedom.

Medicine will be more and more personalized and socialized: a tailor-made medicine for everyone, radically subjective and territorially controlled.

And so on……..

It is a real upheaval to which a dramatic pandemic has been added as to mark the radicality and diffusiveness of change. The pandemic is one of the elements at stake. In fact, digital is the abysmal engine of upheaval. And in digital we may get lost, even damned. However, we should finally understand that only with and in digital can we save ourselves. Digital is us; we have to govern it and govern ourselves. We must radically review all the politician’s categories.