The Midnight Gospel. The Paradoxial Review

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Midnight Gospel
‘Would you believe that here we are talking about spirituality, forgiveness, meditation, oriental philosophies and love?’

Phatasmagoria without limits or boundaries, this new work by Pendleton “Pen” Ward (who already had been amazed at his ability to put together the absolute non-sense in Adventure Time) showed a flow of consciences and poetic depth seasoned with simple drawings, but delicious ideas and not always inscribable in a specific genre.

In this case, flanked by Duncan Trussell (stundupper), was able to move like a juggler with images and situations at the limit, takes the possibilities of animated storytelling to extremes. Down to the extreme absurdity of the journey in psychedelic improvisation, of the free composition in which the protagonist changes shape, death appears with a hypertrophic eyeball in which there are cows with light bulb heads and spy pies (maybe a play-on-words of ‘apple pie’). And up, until you can talk about the meaning of death, of the concept of reincarnation, weight of the heart, transcendental meditation and the lack of maternal love. All this can only be felt as long as you learn to dribble in the midst of mountains of distractions, chaos, provocation, disgust and total lack of logic. As all in all it happens in real life. Overcome the initial disorientation, you can go into a series of REALLY important concepts.