The Hole, the layered review

recensione loop

After watching this film, I don’t think we will speak of a clear and immediately recognizable morality.

Rather, we are faced with a raw allegory and quite bluntly.

The challenge is, in effect, to give each piece of the puzzle its own definition. Take food for an example. Personalized nutrition that is granted to everyone but robbed and polluted by others. Food (that is material and intellectual) that is born pure, perfect and that only the irresponsibility of men corrupts.

The characters of the story are imprisoned in these levels, some voluntary. Levels that refer to the stratification of society, to the infernal circles but with the meaning of interchangeability.

The idealist figure (inspired by Don Quixote), the mother, the selfishold man, the worrier, the bona fide bureaucrat, the wise, the little girl who remembers a little if The Cube (another cult film). They all seem to be there to experience alchemy.

The rawness of this Spanish production leaves us with a bitter taste but also a thin thread of hope.The hope that innocence and trust in the future can jam a mechanism that nobody really knows fully.


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