The FreeHand Review

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Kim Jung Gi
Kim Jung Gi is an amazing artist, drawing detailed images freehand, without planning or references. Watching him work is unbelievable and magnificent.

In a few words, Kim Jung Gi is the most amazing artist you can see at work. On every level you want to analyse the phenomenon, which results in great visual and technical impact. His uniqueness is to draw without needing preparation and without reference images. Drawing directly with a brush or marker, he places every gesture in the exact position where it should be. Every character, every fabric, every human and animal anatomy as well as every element of the environment, building, vehicle or blade of grass is in perfect perspective (or wide-angle view) with everything else. He constructs each line or inclination of the elements without having to locate the vanishing points, emerging beautiful and already finished and detailed images by his free hands. It is as if he has an imaginative and projective ability so developed that it is enough to give him certainty. The Michelangelo anecdote come to mind in which the artist chooses the blocks before sculpting them since the sculptures are already present inside. And it is this feeling when viewing this immense virtuoso at work, it seems as if the drawing there and he is just tracing it. Rendering it visible to us. Consequently, the drawings are truly improvised. He is not like the virtuous craftsman who can draw his character which he has drawn for decades with his eyes closed. He’s not even a clichéd cartoonist with a unique and rigid style like a cartoonist could be. He composes by improvising every single element and delves into the details with a frightening precision. In Paris, France, in a central gallery, he placed white sheets on the walls and then filled them, day by day, with drawings. That’s because the real work is him at work and to see him work is to witness something approaching the magical. Seeing is believing. (

The only question that arises in this regard is whether or how he consumes it all. That is, it is so magnificent to watch him draw that the drawings themselves turn out to be splendid traces of a past epiphany. And that’s a pity because even the drawings themselves are really magnificent.
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