Saint Donald Beyond his Sins and USA

Holy Trump
Artistic drawing by Gabriele Artusio

The information at the time of the Covid-19 is as fluid as cascading water. It has been very impressive for several decades, but now becomes an absolute monarch. It gets attention from all sides, in every corner of doing, thinking, deciding, working, legislating, administering, accumulating, and suffering from hunger. Even suffering from dying and how to die. Oh yes, because you, human being, whatever your name is (it doesn’t matter), are programmed. You don’t even have to spend those happy cents to hear the fortune teller’s tinkling or other analogous figure.

Follow the information and you will know what will happen to you tomorrow or even in a few years. And maybe which will be the times when you run the risk of dying.

Why? Simple: the information informs, it’s true. But, two parallel geographical planes must be distinguished, Local and global. In the first you have your familiar space-time coordinates and everything that gravitates around you, more or less transparent, more or less consonant. The parallel and comprehensive plan, on the other hand, gives rise to an information-tsunami. It seems to you spontaneously widespread and libertarian, because this is how it presents itself, by virtue of its skin. But we now know that it is imitation leather.

It is information of the great truths, as if it were the reincarnation of the greatest systems of the past philosophy.

The major media offer us the chameleon-like veils of truth. And they are financial and political truths. Innocently, their “local” press fills its pages with international politics. And if there was an occult connivance between global weavers and local politicians, amen.

Great truths reach every corner of the earth. And they carry their conditionings, occultly. The rest, what has really been planned for you, will come later, you will know later, when it has happened.

What would have happened, in all the criminal issue of the covid-19, if Donald Trump had been an ally of China? Here is what. First: that in the eyes of the world, WHO would have paid attention and responsibility to the people; secondly: how high was, and continues to be, the death-toll, but at no blame towards the WHO; third: clearly Trump would not have accused the Dragon so heavily, nor would he have asked the Dragon for great compensation.

The US president has a lot of skeletons in the closet, and also on the balcony. But, laying bare China’s faults in spreading the virus (with the consequences that every individual in the world captures on their own skin), he is given a saint’s halo, and maybe he will be called Francis and no longer Donald. At least this was the effect, having uncovered all the pots of the WHO and its subjection to China.