Production and Digital Dimension

production and digital dimension, for the column Digital Aristotle, back of a smartphone cover with the picture of an ancient marble bust of a bearded man

Production and Digital Dimension

The relationship between man and the world, between men and things and also between men and other men; … politics, the way of thinking, the function of knowledge, the determination of both economic and social values ​​change; … the way how subjectivity changes is also new; … even the organization of space and time changes; …let alone the relationship among territory, environment, landscape, and society.

Politics changes alongside with territories, borders, limits, uses, ideologies…

We have definitely went to the digital production mode coming from the industrial one. So we need a critique of the political economy and of the digital production mode, in order to grasp and govern new conflicts, dangers, be they both implicit or explicit.

When a change occurs, something always RESISTES. What resists is more dangerous than what “is coming”. It resists both with thoughts and with actions. The new requires to learn to unlearn and also a general reset.

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