A colored abacus similar to those used by children to learn to count

Numbers, lots of numbers, everything is numbers. Without the subtle interferences of mathematics: normal banal numbers, countable things. But they can become, as if by magic, a coinciding whole and nothing, at the same time. This means the absolute, that is, an impregnable thing, a pure abstraction, without a physio-biological breath, but that, if it were conceivable, of the universal.

The Second World War gives us many examples of common mass graves for the victims of non-tolerated idealities, the meanness of men. This innumerability backs in today’s tragic emergency, everywhere, not least in the Usa. And we deal with numbers in rarefaction, evaporated.

Then there are the numbers that go on being countable. They are tied to the economic disaster that, if they were wounds, it would take an immense effort to lick them. Then the happy numbers of the recovered.

Then the unknown potentially countable numbers concerning healthy carriers or those indistinct scientifically inaccurate people who have few or light symptoms.

And here you are the great numbers of the EU. Money for all member states. No refusal, of course, but with a struggle between Northerners and Southerners. And then, perhaps, one day the united states of Europe will be born.

And what about the large numbers of the new poor, disheartened, the depressed, the large numbers of the new poor, the small firms to which there is no way to survive? And then the large. Also the large numbers (money) of the few numbers (protagonists) related to football’s field in relationship to the immense numbers in the world of poor or impoverished people with no power.

This global emergency will lead to a new precarious normality and a new international policy. And let us hope that those who represent people will be somehow able to protect them. And let us hope that the EU will be more reliable in the international matters.