Humandroid, the Artificial Review

recensione loop

Man’s overwhelming desire to reproduce in a technological sense.

Always provides new and interesting narrative developments.

The crux of the dilemma, though, has always been that.

Will man be able to live with intelligence of unpredictable abilities?

Free from decay and irrational fears?

If we also put on a fully interchangeable body, free from pain and chrome inserts?

In this case, unlike ‘I Robot’, a decadent urban atmosphere with slang and gang shootings are flavouring the plot. In some places, a little too much.

The protagonist snatches more than a smile from the viewer and, in the end, could result in a sequel.

Curious are the steps of re-education and the theme of friendship that binds more than programming.

The rendering of 3d is tasty and in favour of the plot. The title “Chappie” for instance,

it was better to change it.


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