A protagonist of Deconstructivism

Rosario Genovese for the Visual Unpublished
by Gabriele Artusio

Giovanbattista Pastorelli, Italian artist, is one of the leading  protagonists of Deconstructionism in art. This movement is tied to the general postmodern climate and mainly refers to the architecture domain. Deconstructivism, in fact, is the tendency to which a series of archistars belong, such as Frank O’Gehry, Daniel Libeskind, Bernard Tschumi.

Giovanbattista Pastorelli artist for the Visual Unpublished
Giovanbattista Pastorelli, DI Nazareth, multimedia painting, 2020

According to this movement, the normal constructive principle of architecture is demolished, so to speak, and then the designer reassembles them with great formal invention which is not far from the possible absolute freedom sculptors sometimes use.

A strong moment of Pastorelli’s deconstructivist research is his-re-proposal of the famous Riace bronzes. The Italian artist Giovanni Pastorelli put up an eclectic poetics based on multimedia and multi-materialism, together with a very lively and rich palette. Brahim Alaoui, Marco Meneguzzo, Pierre Restany, Carmelo Strano are among the international critics who wrote about Pastorelli’s work.