May 9, 1950, cheering with coal and steel

Curvilinear stylized logo based on the word Skateboard. The European Union is running like skateboarders

Upheaval in all member states. The 70th anniversary of the “European day“, right today 9 May, amplifies good moods and bad moods. You can easily guess to say who cultivates the former and who cultivates the latter. In Italy, the president of the Senate, Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, underlines the tendency of Germany to make cuts on everything. His colleague in the Chamber of Deputies remembers that original spirit of ​​a Union for some states.

Robert Schuman, with his famous Declaration, looked away. But also close: avoid other possible tensions between France and Germany. Ideally? No way. Concretely. Here is the first European “union” based, as the intelligent text of the French Foreign Minister said, on the “melting of coal and steel production” What else could the various countries have in common, still dirty because of bombs smoke? Steps forward have been taken. But the substance basically didin’t change so much.