Work installation by the artist Feuei Tola. One third of a red and two thirds of a light yellow background build a human body through x-rays of the skeleton.
Feuei Tola, Salvador, radiographic, cm. 172 x 192, a 2020 installation belonging to her cycle devoted to "Radiographics": palette embodying parts of medical radiographs.


Among the most committed artists in today’s intercultural scene, Feuei Tola‘s recurring laboratory is based on painting, sculpture and installation, sometimes with other disciplines in the middle, especially Spanish literature. After graduated in Decoration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, she moved to Barcelona where she has lived for years and where she followed the Master in “Artistic Creation” and also the Doctorate called “La Realidad asediada, los posicionamientos creativos”. Various exhibitions and activities, first, in Palermo (she had collaborated, for example, with the Russian painter and engraver Nikolay Komarov in the creation of 150 lithographs for the Multimedia Ecological Dictionary). Between Barcelona, ​​Girona, Figuera, Calonge, and Amer (here her cycle of paintings entitled “Mirada” is permanently set up), Tola will exhibit cycles of paintings and sculptures, as well as installations and engravings, in solo and group shows, between 1997 and 2011. In particular, in 2010, a solo exhibition in Barcelona (the title “El saco como proyección del Yo” will be emblematic to her) and participation in an initiative organized between the Salas Exposiciones, Universidad de Bellas Artes and the Centro Civic San Narcis where the “Jornada de escultura sonora” was organized, while in the university a collective was held about sound sculpture in which Tola whowed “En la cama con Jodorowsky”: a vertical bed with a neon inside and the soft voice of the artist (recorded): a work inspired by the novel “Cuando Teresa se enfadó con Diós” by that Chilean-French writer and director.

In Milan (she moved there in 2011) her work insists on performances: “From Jerusalem to Jericho”, at the Parco Segrate Center; “Getsemany”, in the Boxeo Opi 2000 room; “Golgotà”, Sala Boxeo Opi 2000.

From 2012 to 2017 she participates in “Lithium – R3Born”, in the Sala Piazza della Pretura, in Pontedera, and puts up the solo show “She who is in Being”, in Sala I Maggi, in Buti (Pisa); she designs the cover for the book “Formas de la primera persona” by the writer Francisco Martinez Dominguez (in 1999 she has designed the cover for the book “Calonge país esoteric del Baix Emporda” by the writer Martí Basart).

Between 2018 and 2019, she realizes in Milan “Arte sul ring”, two solo shows, one of photography, sculpture and painting, at the ASD room of Stefania Bianchini and the other (“Women on the Ring”), at the Teatro Principe, and at the MAMO gallery; she also participates in two group shows, at the CAAM Gabelle, with her work “La Sfida”, and at Fabbrica del Vapore, with “Food Garage 66”.