Countries in crisis need a Constituent Committee, Italy at Risk

The photo shows several metal scraps, including a sawtoothed blade, a pipe, a pedal and a sink pipe union

Rightly, the Emergency in which we are still plunged has been considered a post-war condition.
It is not time for internal quarrels. We need dialogue, dialogue, and dialogue.

This respecting not only one’s ideas or points of view, but also people and the exceptional situation absolutely deserve. How to operate for the best results? By confronting each other, ready to give in when the authenticity of one’s feeling allows it, even if it were in contrast with the positions officially taken. In fact, solving often involves some failure.

Is that it? No. Politicians are not self-sufficient, specialists working in the shadows for politicians are not self-sufficient. We absolutely need a Committee made up of specialists (from various sectors, education and beauty not least), administrators and institutional figures.

A small commission representing the entire Committee could “plow the field”, draw up a draft of the problems, start an analysis of them and perhaps suggest some possible solutions.

Obviously, endless and urgent meetings of the entire Committee, even with thematic tables, until a shared project will be reached.

The current rulers of public affairs must open themselves sincerely; opponents mustn’t close themselves in their own enclosure; the specialists must be loyal in their scientific commitment, with no vassalages except to the people in general.

In our time we must use honest and sincere words. Power for its sake is out of place and also dangerous especially when the actors aspire to it without ethical hesitations.

Each answer will take into account this emblem: what is best for Italy and for Italians instead of what is best for my political position.

And if a given political position is based on characterizing ideas and not simply on words apt to the right wing or, at the same time, to the left, or even to the top and the bottom, then make it stand out or, on the contrary, lower its volume if, by doing so, you contribute to the best objective result.

The alternative: scuffles or just junk.