Crossing, Christmas

Angelo Scandurra portrayed in profile, half-lenght, curly gray hair, in the backgroung of a baroque palace
Photo by Giuseppe Leone, Angelo Scandurra portait

Do not lean too much, she was shouting with windy voice. She who had given birth hanging from a tree. She had shared the same fate with Judas, even though she hadn’t attended the last supper and the rite of bread and wine. And yet, her flash turned into a prodigy of sin. As a sinner they had pointed at her because she had given birth to a fatherless child.

She repeatedly said she was impregnated by the Holy Spirit when she abandoned herself to the sea’s flatteries. But no one believed her, the surrender lasted a downpour of rain. And she looked for the reasons of the instincts, avoiding foresight, she was touching her own body almost scratching away her thoughts.

She remembered Madeleine, despised even in her limbs. Meanwhile, the filament outlined the sunset and the clouds, gasping angels were gathering to face the thrill of the unknown.

She felt a pat on her nape and her gaze moved towards the path made stunned by the wedging of the light while raised hands signaled surrender and rebellion