Many Considered it an endless treasure, and from now on?

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Everyone went to China, everyone looked at China as a world bank for small or great situations. As a bank, it claims interests which are now on standby, because of the current emergency. What interests? Only expansionism. Civil, polite, tactical.

Support to local economies, international finance agreements, while respecting the existing political regime. Parity, then, but insidious. Let’s start with the exchange, which almost has the allure of a barter, and we realize that the hosting area little by little will be caged.

Is there any alternative to avoid this? None. If the hosting area is suffering from difficulty? The help arrives and it is done. A subtle and indirect penetration, keeping far both proclamations or diplomacy.

Consequently, any kinds of companies, or even individual capable to offer special productions or projects began to travel to China. Over already many years, China has been spreading a subtle penetration in the world through a very modest look: the shops selling all kinds of daily cheap items which started a huge competition with the autochthonous activities. Covid-19 has messed things up, damaging humanity and many countries, starting with China. Will this still be a world treasure? We will see. For sure, a series of reductive adaptations will be inevitable.