in the black and white photo you can see an elderly man wearing a striped shirt, with his right hand resting on his right cheek

Two notes on Aldo Gerbino’s Lupin poem

Aldo Gerbino is a poet who moves everything: thoughts, moods, memories, perspectives, hopes, “perverse nostalgia”. He does this, simultaneously with the outside world, from “the late cicada among the sugary reeds” to the cosmos known […]

in the color photo you can see colored confetti on a brown background and did you smile today?


Biographies dates follow each other run after each other they tangle and thin out what is  before and what is after superimposed prime numbers complex numbers overwhelming and quiet everything is history everything is present […]

you can see a woman, the writer Alda Mercante, in front of her desk; her hair are white and she wears a blue jacket

Cause and inception

On that thursday he had woken up badly; it was the cat’s fault as it jumped onto his bed. Before sunrise, and it loomed annoying and lightly, insinuating itself between the flaps of the blanket […]

Photograph of Edward Lucie-Smith poet, artist, photographer.

Pulsating between biography and fantasy

Edward Lucie-Smith was born in Kingston, Jamaica, moving to the United Kingdom in 1946. He was educated at The King’s School, Canterbury, and, after a little time in Paris, he read History at Merton College, Oxford from 1951 to 1954. […]


The Moth

It got out of the darkness of an art gallery, flying, and so coming back to its species’ natural lightness. A fragile, staggering a little bit stunned appearance was the consequence of the acrylic glues […]

Photo black and white, portraits of André Verdet and Pablo Picasso, in the backgroun many palm trees.

André Verdet, poetry and astronomy

Here, a very interesting unpublished 1979 poetical thought by the prominent French character who wrote it in a special artpiece, a mix of drawing and poem, which is here published as well.   L’étoile qui […]

Il critico d'arte e poeta Edward Lucie-Smith seduto su una poltrona, sullo sfondo un'opera d'arte con colori accesi.

The Merciless Poetry

CARMELO STRANO ON LUCIE-SMITH’S POETRY Lucie-Smith’s very complex life, from geography to intellectual curiosity, was published in an interview on Fyinpaper (edited by Roberto Salvini) on 20 December 2019. He is an internationally renowned art […]



(to dogs and peace) By John Barleycorn     Be beaming you as well ‘cause Jesus’s birth don’t worry simple beings He really likes simple things the almighty Simplicity created everything even your special simplicity […]

Angelo Scandurra portrayed in profile, half-lenght, curly gray hair, in the backgroung of a baroque palace

Crossing, Christmas

Do not lean too much, she was shouting with windy voice. She who had given birth hanging from a tree. She had shared the same fate with Judas, even though she hadn’t attended the last […]

Edward Lucie-Smith standing. Behind him, in the background, two of his photographic works.

Edward Lucie-Smith, his Poems between Life and Society

You are a leading internationally known figure in the field of arts, but also a well recognized artist-photographer and poet. Two years ago, you celebrated your birthday (84) publishing another collection of your poems titled […]