Alessandra Serra, Echoes

drawing, by Gabriele Artusio, girl in yellow and green jersey, holding a board with the word imagine, column The visual unpublished, Marilena Vita
by Gabriele Artusio

Research artist interested above all in sculpture and at the same time paying strong attention to drawings with their double value: their poetic connection with sculpture and their pregnant self-sufficiency.

you can see a piece of clay
Alessandra Serra, Echoes, refractory clay, 4 x 38x 23 cm., 2012

Graduated in sculpture, with honors, from the Academy of Fine Arts Brera, Milan, she has participated in group shows.

In 2018 (February) her last solo show at the Messina Museum in Milan, entitled Naturofanie Plastica, with a critical text by Claudio Cerritelli.