Dance from all around the World, on the Internet

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"Tango Toilet" by Rodrigo Pardo

When are theatres reopening? In the meanwhile, the great dance companies are all active on the web.

The New York City Ballet decides to show George Balanchine’s repertoire.

Ballets de Monte-Carlo gives its energies thorugh Wake Up:


Swans For Relief, created in order to support dancers in difficulties, counts 32 etoiles from 22 companies of 14 different countries and all of them dance pieces of the Swan’s death, starting from Misty Copeland, afro-transatlantic rising star prima star of the American Ballet Theatre:


ABT off stage has realized a very short (2’ and 30’’) Swan Lake during the lockdown, We fly as one, in order to celebrate the 80th anniversaryof the American Ballet Theatre with male and female swans:


The Ballet Nacional de Cuba on Facebook has interpreted Me quedo en casa choreographed by Ely Regina Hernández; dancers of the Australian Ballet perform, with a touch of irony, Wilis, a kind of feminist counterstory of Giselle.

Alvin Ailey All Access includes a workshop to try at home on the Revelations masterpiece that turns 60:


Dutch Het Nationale Ballet shows up on Di-Rect’s Hold On; colleagues from the Nederlands Dans Theater reply with Quarantinecreation:


The Ballet Nacional de España, the folkloric one, directed by Rubén Olmo, showed his Bolero by Ravel, in group rehearsals and then in a single domestic version, for the 38th International Dance Day:


Michael Flatley‘s Dance for Hope focuses on the rhythmic-acrobatic delights of Irish dance with its “Warlords at home”:


In Africa, the École des Sables by Germaine Acogny also makes its classes and tests also teachers.


Contemporary dance is no exception. And video dance seems tailor-made for this remote stage.

Dance Bites, social section, is dedicated to the history of dance through video pills. Promoted by the ArteMente Advanced Training Center and – Chronicle and Memory of the Show, puts on Facebook and Instagram rare songs by top artists such as Merce Cunningham, Pina Bausch, William Forsythe, Wim Vandekeybus, Maguy Marin.

Giardino Zed, with Cro.Me and COORPI, offers a streaming journey through videodance in all its facets, from production to training, from research to dissemination, from promotion to distribution, thanks to a series of expert guests, who tell their stories by showing valuable images; everything will flow into an online archive.

Interplay Festival, in its twentieth year, has transferred its May programming to Youtube, reworking the videos of the bespoke web companies, with appointments set in a scheduled billboard, as if they were live.

On Handsome Dancer‘s TikTok Coincidance, it garnered more than 390 million views, showing that… WOW, I can really dance!

Aperol then launched the Together We Can Dance initiative to raise funds to support courageous nurses, involving 1000 dancers in an ad hoc choreography by Luca Tommassini, dancer, and artistic director known among other things for XFactor:


New York – Dance / NYC has launched #ArtistsAreNecessaryWorkers, a platform where artists can have a voice in shaping the future of post-pandemic New York City, looking at educational plans, shows and tourism in an economy to rethink. They alsoask Mayor Bill de Blasio for representation in the City’s Arts, Culture and Tourism Sector Advisory Council. More than 150 videos, including a contribution by Mark Morris, well known in Europe, have already been uploaded and the debate has opened on FB on the objectives to be achieved in a fairer and more supportive way.

Last to resume the dances will be the tango with its ultra-close embrace. Rodrigo Pardo‘s touching Tormentango was shot adventurously in the imminence of the hard Argentine and French lockdown – his two countries -, with new original ideas of equal partnership between men and women. In the meantime, the lessons of man-woman technique online are very popular with tangueri from all over the world:


One last question: when are theatres reopening?