The Dump

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Nothing new. Over history, we have always produced, at the same time, useful things and passive useless things to get rid of. But nowadays we deal with the planeterization of this phenomenon together with its unprecedented terribly dangerous features. Even in this case, the “local” has become old-fashioned.

Nevertheless, it remains the only resource for regenerating whatever matter, physical, material, moral. Anyway, this ideal and practical drive, as the “local” in fact is, cannot disregard the new “immediate data of consciousness” that would make Henri Bergson re-die. Likely it happens with consciousness, we do not see the deadly dump, but it exists overwhelmingly. The ugly, the dirt, the poisonous or radioactive waste materials are under our feet, above our head, at human height. But we don’t see them. Instead, we daily see the unequal struggle between the rich and poor areas, the latter being the designated recipients of the waste. So poor areas are now experiencing their umpteenth check. “Ed è subito sera”. And it’s already evening, to quote Salvatore Quasimodo’s poem.