Elementary. The Deductive Review

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Comic strip about the tv series Elementary, by cartoonist Fabio Folla, for La Pedivella, column of Fyinpaper geoculturale webzine.

To the umpteenth edition of the literary myth that celebrates the astonishment of the world’s best known deductive mind, one could rightly wonder if cliché saturation has already come. Given the high-sounding film and television precedents, another investigator with the proverbial quarrelsome and magniloquent speech could have generated cloying reactions.

But this series (seventh season), which takes its name from one of the best known expressions of the dear protagonist, now it is worth giving the benefit of the doubt.

New location, new partner role. The substantial problems and their dynamics (which are still very classic) exploit a pressing rhythm and a sufficiently complex structure. In this way the product becomes quite stimulating.

Even if the cases do not always allow a true relationship at par, they give way for a genuine intuition. Between one oddity and the other, there are also delicious curiosities and good level of direction.