Sustainability awarded

Asvis logo, Alleanza Italiana per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile, with little coloured rectangles of different colors

The #AlleanzaAgisce portal created by the has been awarded, the “Solidarity Award”, an important recognition which is part of the “SDG Action Awards 2020” campaign, set up by the UN Secretary General.

 The associates

There are 270 members and 200 associates, including the major institutions and networks of civil society. This has produced more than 600 experts tied  to thematic and transversal working groups on issues related to sustainability.

 #AlleanzaAgisce describes the solidarity actions promoted by these organizations that are part of Asvis. For instance, fundraisers, donations, webinars, free books, campaigns, workshop and educational platform. 

Enrico Giovannini’s declaration

“We are very honored to receive this recognition, which rewards above all the generosity and solidarity expressed by the hundreds of organizations participating in the Asvis during the most difficult period that the country has gone through – said Enrico Giovannini, spokesman of the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development. 

#AlleanzaAgisce is one of the many activities that Asvis carried out during the lockdown, among which I would like to mention the elaboration of the proposal – together with the Inequality and Diversity Forum – for the institution of the emergency income”. 

The culture of doing

All this thinking of the culture of designing, and above all of doing.