Shoah: a moral duty and an intellectual commitment

in the black and white image you can see children locked up in a Nazi concentration camp, leaning on a barbed wire
Children locked up in a Nazi concentration camp. The image by Radio Alfa is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

In the present time, full of phenomena of intolerance, the day of remembrance assumes a particular value for the younger generations and calls for more in-depth reflection.

What happened almost eighty years ago in Europe, that is, the extermination of Jews in central Europe, is universally known and condemned. The textbooks of history narrate its genesis and development, also the researchers still reveal new and chilling details. It was a unique experience in relation to the history of the National Socialist ideology, and  sometimes this uniqueness underestimate. Jews had suffered all sorts of discrimination over the centuries. In general, it had been was outbursts of violent homicidal rage against the Jewish ethnic group and  caused by with very different and specious reasons. Nevertheless, Hitler’s racism, which developed on a fanciful as well as criminal “theory of races”, was absolutely far from those previous historical facts, as it resulted much more radical and aberrant.

Unfortunately, there are many crimes against entire human groups in the history of European civilization. Since the sixteenth century, the British, French and others had enslaved and deported tens of millions of Africans. Many of them had been killed or lived in such conditions that brought them to death, anyway During the French Revolution there were brutal massacres, of undoubtedly smaller proportions, but pushed by an implacable and brutal ideology. During the Great War, the Turks had actually perpetrated the genocide of a part of the Armenian population, deporting them to Eastern Anatolia in inhumane conditions. And, finally, millions of small peasant owners died in the Stalinist concentration camps, and they were those whom the revolutionary regime considered the absolute enemies of the people,


And the reasons for these dramatic events were clear. Black Africans were considered an inferior race, useful only to create wealth for the whites. The death of many of them was treated likely an economic damage. The massacres of the French revolutionaries were “justified” by thei aim of defeating the conservative forces, which were against the equality of citizens before the law and many other achievements of modern civilization. The Armenians were seen by the Turks as a fifth column of the Russians that they were fighting hard. The kulaks were deported to Siberia because they opposed the socialization of the lands, which in their mind was necessary for a more equitable distribution of wealth.



But,as far as the extermination of the Jews is concerned, it had no reason or rational justification. At all. The Jew had to be eliminated being naturally evil, indeed they were the absolute evil itself. No matter whether they were three-month-old babies, a ninety-year-old men, scientists, artists, or bankers who could contribute to the collective well-being,. The Jew is the ancestral enemy with whom one cannot come to terms, because his only purpose is to dominate the world domination and the enslavement of non-Jews. The Jew is like a weed, by its nature parasitic and exploiter of all humanity. An inferior race, therefore, but, contradictorily, also a mortal danger for real men. And they wanted to sign them with the term untermensch (subhuman). The Slavs and other “inferior races” could have served the Germanic lord people as peasants and workers, but they believed that Jews deserved only the “final solution” or “total” solution, as Göring himself pointed out at the Nuremberg trial.