May the fourth, Liberation day

black writing skateboard and drowing of a skull, white background, column by Luck-Ba for Fyinpaper, lockdown phase 2
logo by Flavio Ferrarese

Liberation from what? From the lockdown in Italy. The problem is that the majority of people – who have largely respected the behavioral restrictions, feel as if the virus has strongly lowered, almost as if it was already very far. People are very tired of living segregated at home. Let’s wave the flags! It’s the end of the impossibility for relatives to stay close or to go and see each other, etc., and may God be with us. To nullify the severe sacrifices we made so far would be a great defeat, a moral defeat, as well as psychological, economic, in healthcare and workplace. But what would anyway emerge victorious from this situation would be finance, especially the international finance. They are the things we obviously do for it.