The new “unità d’Italia”

The picture shows Italian president Sergio Mattarella giving a speech in Codogno ( epicentre of the Covid-19 epidemy in Italy) on June 2nd. The president (in three-quarter profile) wears a dark blue jacket, a white shirt, a blue tie and the face mask. Behind the speaker and the microphone there are some palnts and a blue backdrop whit the white writing

June 2nd. Usually, flags and parades, and protocol rites for such celebration of Italian Republic’s birth (June, 2nd, 1949). This year, president Sergio Mattarella set the tone to the anniversay in a necessary, appropriate way, as the emergency circumstances deserved. In addition, he used manners, tones, facial expressions which have been convinced, convincing, touching, even in the sober way the classical concert has been held, in the unique presence the musicians.

In doing this, in speaking of the ethics of unity, he launched an invitation to the whole of political forces not to fight, let alone by exploiting the emergency. Unfortunately, two large swords of Damocles on the Peninsula.
Inside, the permanent electoral campaign, so far being the condition that one begins to govern and later he would be judged, at some point. This will weigh (but hopefully as little as possible) in the economic recovery plan including money coming from EU. It will be either a good opportunity or a lost opportunity.

Outside, a silent conspiracy of billionaires and superpowers planning their own absolute world power in the near future. And you, “serva Italia di dolore ostello/ nave senza nocchiero in gran tempesta” (to quote Dante Alighieri), risk to frustrate your past and recent glories and your excellences as it has just happened in Tirana with the recent planned destruction of its National Theater. In the time of the Sun King-financier culture is pure hangout when granted.

Perhaps a little internal unity could give us Italians some more illusions and would remove the impression that the “bàrbaroi” influencers are already preventing it.