Four Artists for Kenta

you can see a big wall with many black worn work-gloves
Federico De Leonardis, Mined streets (worn work- gloves), 2000/2020.

(works by Federico De Leonardis, Sergio Limonta, Filippo Manzini, Hidetoshi Nagasawa)


Space, Shape, Concept is the title of the exhibition opening Kenta Foundation’s new season in Milan. In fact, this group show has been stimulated by the space itself due to its special features. The origin of the Kenta Foundation is industrial; but later it has been thought as a place for cultural and social activity open to the community. Anyway, traces of its original functions survive. It is precisely this persistence of the memory, of the history of the place that attracted the artists involved, who have always been fascinated by the aesthetic “reuse” of places which have been originally designed for other purposes.

Federico De Leonardis has always “inhabited” the space with his not necessarily three-dimensional interventions. Hidetoshi Nagasawa is the leading master of sculpture’s similar paths. His work is devoted to an often daring balances between opposing forces. His presence in the exhibition is also a tribute to a master who has just passed away. As far as Sergio Limonta and Filippo Manzini are concerned, the sculpture “opens up” to space, whose specificities are worth respected, even  putting apart the whole of its volumes, till deconstructing them.

 (from the introductory text to the exhibition)