Decamerone and mystery

An anthology of fantastic literature (“Antologia della letteratura fantastica”) has just appeared by Andrea Scarabelli, director of the magazine “Antarès”, and Dalmazio Frau, a scholar of myths and an artist. They put together fifteen authors of various importance and fame, but all well in tune, anyway: as far as the theme is concerned, and also in the sense that they are not out of tune, artistically speaking.

Among the long-routed writers, Michele Serio who publishes La Favorita. Composer (music for songs and more), theater man, he has titles with various publishers, including Spirali (early in1990). An attention also to Gloria Barberi, always interested in writing about music and theater. She now publishes The Age of the Wind.

Some other titles: Tumpek Wayang by Mario Maculotti, His Hand by Luigi De Pascalis, Rossa Rossa in Sguardo di Desiderio by Vitaldo Conte. A group of authors united by the Boccaccio’s field. This is underlined by the editors in the book’s subtitle (“Decamerone del Mistero””), Bietti editions in Milan.

Conte’s tale has a title that is emblematic to him. The rosa rossa (red rose) is his leitmotif in writing and in his performances between art and theatrical action. But it is enough to remember his most audacious performance: launching himself, together with his tutor, with the parachute while holding a red rose in his mouth. His thinking, his being, his doing and writing, everything is tinged with “fuego” red. He also does it effortlessly. In fact, he uses two words that differ only because rossa (red) adjective has an “s” more than the flower (rosa, rose). Of course the sound is different: the flower’s sweet sound one and the color’s harsh sound. Two timbres that Conte combines variously, often realizing variations on the theme.