Column Habitat for Fyinpaper. Terrarium Showroom by James Wines, black and white drawings of a commercial basement building in the hills in California

Terrarium Showroom

Terrarium Showroom, a project by James Wines Shopping Center Building integrated with the environment, enclosed by glass terrarium walls filled with regional earth, stone and vegetation. Drawing by the American architect, collection of the MoMA, […]

Self-portrait made in pencil by James Wines

Ghost Parking Lot

Twenty automobiles are buried under asphalt at various graduated levels, from full exposure of the body contours to complete envelopment by the paving. Contrary to the prevalent use of “object art” as a decorative accessory […]


Highrise of Homes, for vertical communities

Highrise of Homes is 1981 theoretical project by SITE for urban locations in the USA. The Color rendering shows a multi-story matrix that can accommodate a vertical community of private houses, clustered into distinct village-like […]


Michael Sorkin, thinking of a green society

Michael Sorkin might appropriately be called a visionary with a heart. He has understood that, with the universal buzz about people living in cyberspace and communicating primarily through global wavelengths, this is already a reality […]