Giovanbattista Pastorelli artist for the Visual Unpublished
Visual unpublished

A protagonist of Deconstructivism

Giovanbattista Pastorelli, Italian artist, is one of the leading  protagonists of Deconstructionism in art. This movement is tied to the general postmodern climate and mainly refers to the architecture domain. Deconstructivism, in fact, is the tendency […]

drawing, by Gabriele Artusio, girl in yellow and green jersey, holding a board with the word imagine, column The visual unpublished, Marilena Vita
Visual unpublished


Marilena Vita is a research artist in painting, photography, perfomance, and video art for which she was awarded at Columbia University (2009). Degree in Painting (with honors and dignity of the press) and Specialized Diploma […]

Visual unpublished

Vade retro, virus

GIOVANNA MONTE As soon as she finished her classical education, she entered the world of fashion especially as a designer, living between Sicila and Lombardia. For RAI (Domenica In) she worked as a costume designer […]

Dada art, work by school pupils, Alzani Gabriele
Visual unpublished

Dadaism’s pupils from school

Dada art goes on striking. This chorus of pupils from the school of Segrate (Milan) underlines it. They are very sensitive and enthusiastic about the historical and technical teaching of their teacher Feuei Tola, a […]

Visual unpublished

Angela Giordano, Serenata

It’s a drawing by the Sicilian artist and writer illustrating the cover of one of her books published by Edizioni Arianna. In her dated and constant ethical commitment to a healthier nation, supported by arte […]

Work installation by the artist Feuei Tola. One third of a red and two thirds of a light yellow background build a human body through x-rays of the skeleton.
Visual unpublished


Biography Among the most committed artists in today’s intercultural scene, Feuei Tola‘s recurring laboratory is based on painting, sculpture and installation, sometimes with other disciplines in the middle, especially Spanish literature. After graduated in Decoration […]