in this coloured photo you can see, in the foreground, some tree trunks floating on the water and, in the background, the Amazon rainforest
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The indifference towards the Amazon rainforest

Facing the Covid 19 pandemic, governments are not doing enough to curb the consequences of global warming.   The Amazon rainforest has now partially transformed into a typical savannah grassland, interrupted by small woods. In […]

pianeta circondato da un alone di luce e da un cielo stellato
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Microbial Life in the Moon

There are microorganisms on the moon. But don’t get too excited, they are not of lunar origin. They have ‘accidently’ (excuse the pun) been placed there by us humans. And, these microorganisms are one of […]

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About the After-Effects of COVID19

Medically treating patients infected with the COVID19 virus has been a long and difficult path for medical professionals globally. As treatment strategies are improving (some countries are decreasing their percentage of deaths), insight into how […]

The photo represents an Indian man dressed in white and yellow providing food to a couple of parallel lines of people. The meal consist of a dish with some rice and a iron glass of water
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India: Less hygiene, more Covid

The Rain came From June to September, the monsoon season hits India with its violent thunderstorms, making any activity difficult. This year the spread of the pandemic worsens the situation. It was not enough two […]

The picture consist in a hand-drawn wooden hut in the middle of the Amazon forest, with some people inside it
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Brazil, the insane cheerfulness

Brazil, 2020 Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has played too much with fire and burned himself. He has never brought the mask and even mocked those who did.   But on July 7th symptoms and tests […]

l'immagine consiste in un disegno a matita di una capanna di foglie e legno nel mezzo della foresta amazzonica, con alcune persone presenti all'interno
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Brasile, allegria e allegria

Brasile, 2020 Il Presidente del Brasile Jair Bolsonaro ha giocato troppo col fuoco e si è bruciato. Non aveva mai portato la mascherina, aveva irriso coloro che lo facevano, ma il 7 luglio i sintomi […]

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Towards an era of pandemics?

Since the Coronavirus pandemic attracted the attention of the media, little-known scientific terms have entered into common use. One of them is the word zoonosis. It indicates the diseases that attack humans from microorganisms present […]

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The Space Dragon and a Changing World

Why has there been so much excitement over SpaceX sending American astronauts to the ISS (International Space Station)? We have been sending astronauts to the ISS for decades. Many of these astronauts have been the […]

Coronavirus or end the pandemic
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Virus Disaster in Italy, and some other Countries

As of the date that I am writing this (23/03/2020), there are many articles around the world, trying to investigate, explain, hypothesis on why Italy has been experiencing such high infection rates, and especially deaths, […]

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In Part 1, we saw how our health is largely dictated by gut microflora, and how the modern lifestyle has negatively influenced the microbial balance. In this section, the possible relationship to the COVID-19 pandemic […]

Tre monitor accesi da cui fuoriescono dei sottili fasci di luce blu. Al centro un gruppo di cifre luminose con alternanza di 0 e 1. Sullo sfondo grattacieli illuminati
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Digital, the Importance of Cultural Engagement

Digital Transformation is a central theme in our era. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire human community is reconfiguring its social, economic and psychological aspects. But, humanity is also overcoming its hesitations and reluctance to […]


Digesting the Coronavirus, Gut Health vs COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus is still raging through the human race. It is 10 times more lethal than the influenza, making it the worst pandemic in recorded history. It had attacked so quickly, with weapons and […]

human microcosm
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The current pandemic has opened international awareness on the power of microorganisms. A simple virus, which usually causes the common cold, has turned lethal. The new version of the virus is so unusual that it […]

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Worm Aging, Sequences like Human’s

Longevity. Some wish for it, and others despise the thought. The latest (2019)life expectancy statistics for European males is 75 years, and for females is 82 years. However, some believe that humans once could live […]

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No, there is no Covid-19 Vaccine yet

Typical of fake news, there has been a photo doing it’s rounds on Facebook creating big excitement. A simple photo of a vial, with a label stating Coronavirus Vaccine, and a syringe in the background. […]

Image with an Asian girl wearing a white mask at to preserve herself from virus's attack.
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The Virus Games

Viruses are difficult ‘organisms’ to study. They are nothing like any living creature: bacteria, protists, fungi, humans, reptiles, insects…. you get the idea. To understand this a bit better, we can visualise them as an […]

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Fire in the Ozone

The latest in recent catastrophic natural fires have been occurring in Australia. The cause of most of the Australian fires have been natural, with only 24 official arrests for intentional starting bushfires (the mass media […]

Supermarket shelves with washing-machine detergent
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The Neuromarketing

From ‘talking’ to the consumer to ‘talking’ with the consumer. From communicating to the consumer to communicating with the consumer’s brain. Marketing, is moving on. From the era of the 4 Ps (product, price, promotion […]