Il Pd e la “verità” della gente

Sono diverse le correnti all’interno del Pd. Sono diversi anche i nuovi satelliti (partiti) che gravitano intorno a quel partito. Qualcuno di essi, non ha vera simpatia per il Pd. Questo vale sicuramente per “Italia […]

Pie chart with colorful red green pink yellow slices, on light blue background and blue-violet frame, and question marks on each slice

Italy among polls and information

In the event of a political election, the latest polls at the end of 2020 take for granted a victory of the center-right (made up of Lega, Fratelli d’Italia and Forza Italia). I need to […]

the comic strip shows cartoon-like version of Donald Trump and Joe Biden shouting at each other "I negate you!" from their own positions. On the background there's a faint shade of pink and blue

Negationists and Monats

Negationists and where to find them Scientific denial has become the new cultural plague, which seeks to block the scientific and technological evolution of our species, based on beliefs, myths, pseudoscience, conspiracy and self-interested falsifications. […]

in uno spazio urbano di notte una persona fotografa un monumento illuminato e riflesso in una pozzanghera

Inside and behind the demonstration in Berlin

The recent no-vaccination demonstration in Berlin is not without consequences and emulations.  The most different acronyms of opponents of the anti-Covid government measures marched in August in Berlin under the shadow of the Brandenburg Gate.  […]

Aesthetics and politics: Queen Elizabeth II in green dress and hat

Aesthetics and Politics

Aesthetics and politics You would have good reasons to question if I say that politics is concerned with aesthetics, that is, of beauty, of grace, of the appeal of form. Political communication (the language, messages, […]

Under a blue, slightly cloudy sky, an architectural complex stands out formed by white, geometric blocks

Berlin, reunited but stuck

The list of collectors who want to leave Berlin is now very long. The Friedrich Christian Flick Collection hosted at The Hamburger Bahnhof is one of the main victims. Once heard the news that the […]


One hundred years later in Hungary …

“That cursed June 4, 1920 in Trianon”, Victor Orban must be thinking! The Hungarian nation was deprived of almost two-thirds of its territory because it had fought and lost the First World War alongside Austria. […]

The photo shows several afghan women whose face is covered with a veil as in many muslim countries. The figures in the background wear traditional black and blue burqa. the two girl in the foreground, instead, wear a simpler red scarf that allows to see the eyes

Afghanistan, a new silent Vietnam

“I’m going to bring our kids back home” Trump has promised during his campaign. The Americans believed him and now he is trying to keep his word. In early March after grueling negotiations with the […]

Beijing under attack

China, Delocalization And Planetary Hegemony

President Trump said that with this pandemic, the forty-year era of relocation is over. Not many have blamed him and the reason is clear. For four decades, huge quantities of European and US capital have […]

Holy Trump

Saint Donald Beyond his Sins and USA

The information at the time of the Covid-19 is as fluid as cascading water. It has been very impressive for several decades, but now becomes an absolute monarch. It gets attention from all sides, in […]

Breaking Taboos to Save the European Union

Breaking Taboos to Save the European Union

With regards to the issuance of common bonds of 500 billion euros by Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel. Italian newspaper stated that it was something unimaginable, until a few months ago. A thrill of emotions […]

The virus of the pandemia that comes from China is on the background of the Statue of Liberty wearing a protective mask.

Beijing under attack, facts and background

President Xi Jinping has promised $2 billion to fight Covid 19 worldwide, but has refused to accept the numerous requests for an international investigation on the early stages of the epidemic. Trump – with the […]

A colored abacus similar to those used by children to learn to count


Numbers, lots of numbers, everything is numbers. Without the subtle interferences of mathematics: normal banal numbers, countable things. But they can become, as if by magic, a coinciding whole and nothing, at the same time. […]

fotografia, colori, esterno, deserto grigio, una fila di pali in cemento, un uomo vestito di blu in piedi tra i pali, cielo grigio

Peace, a Hard Matter for its Lovers

Speaking in the front of the National Rifle Association and composed of representatives from the U.S. arms industry, Trump had declared he was preparing to inform the U.N that the U.S. would be withdrawing from […]



The global era. Everything is global. Of course it’s a real age that, through its future ramifications and complications, may be destined to coincide with the end of the planet. Possibly, it is the last […]


The Europe I Want

A few years ago, when discussions on the Euro started, I wrote an article titled “Why Europe”. I was addressing the issue on a political-economic level. I was trying to give some answers to myself […]