in the color photo you can see two boys ice skating
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Us and Covid

Teenagers   In general, teenagers live not an easy condition; and this becomes extremely difficult in our time of coronavirus. Most contacts, which are of extreme importance in such life’s period, have been put apart: […]

the picture is a cartoon that represent a couple on a bed under a blanket. the woman has a big nose and her feet are out of the blanket, whille the man has beard, moustache and glasses. Around the bed there are several boxes and a cat on a small chair
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To Each Man his own Epiphany, with Irony and Art

Pandemic forced James Wines to move his SITE studio into his apartment, in New York City. With self-irony, and his incomparable sign in drawing, the architect-artist realized this scene in an almost Epiphany’s atmosphere and […]

in the color photo you can see many soldiers' helmets lined up with the typical colors of the military style, and, behind them, the uniforms of the soldiers.
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The rights and globalization

Pacifist theories and politics do not meet in the globalized world.   On December 10th, the seventieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was celebrated all over the world. The signatures of the […]

The picture shows a plate full of meat skewers on a white and blue tablecloth
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Virus and biodiversity

Cattle and contagions Since the world is fighting against the current Covid-19 pandemic, public opinion has become more sensitive to issues that were previously discussed only by experienced researchers in the interaction between humans and […]

you can see a building designed with ink and many trees in front of it
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Thinking of Arch-art, between Past, Pandemic and Post

The coronavirus pandemic’s impact has left the design scene in a state of unique ambivalence, where all of the qualifying rituals for success appear to be in head-on collision with reality. As an artist/architect, dedicated […]

Drawing on a blue base, a rainbow in the upper left corner and two hands that clasp in the upper right corner
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Bomb-man, never approach pupils

If the Covid-19 pandemic spares the children (they are bound to be the least affected all over the globe), nevertheless they are hit by guns, as it has just happened in the city of Kumba, […]

The picture is a photography that represent a huge chimney in the middle of a clear blue sky. the framing of the picture allows us to see a big chunk of the grey asphalt and all its roughness
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Asphalt and the pollution

The world is inundated with a labyrinth of roads, many of which are paved with asphalt. Asphalt roads are the ‘life-line’ of developing economies and infrastructure. But, new research indicates that asphalt might be a […]

in this coloured photo you can see, on the right, a globe, and on the left, a stock chart like an electrocardiogram
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Earthquakes, natural and human causes

The human race causes  50% of all earthquakes. We can thank the coronavirus pandemic for making this fact into headline scientific news. There is the age-old question we all have been asked or thought: “What […]

Costa Rica
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Carbon, the Great Example of Costa Rica

At this moment, while the world discusses global warming, Costa Rica is decarbonising by producing 98% of its’ electricity from renewable sources (such as rivers, wind and solar). It is the result of choices made […]

Incrocio di binari ferroviari
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Covid, globalization, production

In recent months, we have heard several times that Covid-19 is acting as an accelerator of trends, in some cases well underway, in other cases barely evident. But, anyway, only history will say whether they […]

Economy after covid, picture of children sitting on the ground in a poor area of the world
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For Somebody it will not be ok

What about the global economy after covid? There is something terribly demented for the populations of poor countries of the world that are facing famine, in the optimistic signs that read “Everything will be OK” […]

The photo shows Jens Galschiøt's sculpture "The Pillar of shame" in front of a brick building. On the basement there are two red writing "The old cannot kill the young" and "THE TIANANMEN MASSACRE". Over the basement the lower part of the sculpture is visbile, with the orange sculpted half-busts of the martyrs
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Hong Kong, a New Tiananmen is to be averted

It is forbidden to mention the Tiananmen massacre in China in 1989, and each year fewer yet know what really happened. But all media articles, fliers etc. on this subject have been collected by the […]

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Feeding and Cleaning Up, the EU believes in It

Between 1963 and 2005, the expansion of cultivated lands has increased by 32%. A good part of this increase was the need to feed farm animals. Consumption of meat in the Western world is considered […]

Punta di una penna color oro rivolta verso sinistra e con lettere incise sopra
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Healing in Waiting

“And the People Stayed Home”. This is how the poem starts that, in this period of quarantine and fight against the pandemic, has gone viral. It has a certain effects to use this term today, […]