The picture is a photography that represent a huge chimney in the middle of a clear blue sky. the framing of the picture allows us to see a big chunk of the grey asphalt and all its roughness
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Asphalt and the pollution

The world is inundated with a labyrinth of roads, many of which are paved with asphalt. Asphalt roads are the ‘life-line’ of developing economies and infrastructure. But, new research indicates that asphalt might be a […]

in this coloured photo you can see, on the right, a globe, and on the left, a stock chart like an electrocardiogram
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Earthquakes, natural and human causes

The human race causes  50% of all earthquakes. We can thank the coronavirus pandemic for making this fact into headline scientific news. There is the age-old question we all have been asked or thought: “What […]

Costa Rica
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Carbon, the Great Example of Costa Rica

At this moment, while the world discusses global warming, Costa Rica is decarbonising by producing 98% of its’ electricity from renewable sources (such as rivers, wind and solar). It is the result of choices made […]

Incrocio di binari ferroviari
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Covid, globalization, production

In recent months, we have heard several times that Covid-19 is acting as an accelerator of trends, in some cases well underway, in other cases barely evident. But, anyway, only history will say whether they […]

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Back to Hygiene Origins

Is humanity hypocritical? Do we truly understand advancement of human kind? Or, is our so-called ‘advancement’ leading us to be more ignorant in ‘out-dated’ concerns, creating weaknesses in our cultural structure? Basically, the question is: […]

Economy after covid, picture of children sitting on the ground in a poor area of the world
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For Somebody it will not be ok

What about the global economy after covid? There is something terribly demented for the populations of poor countries of the world that are facing famine, in the optimistic signs that read “Everything will be OK” […]

The photo shows Jens Galschiøt's sculpture "The Pillar of shame" in front of a brick building. On the basement there are two red writing "The old cannot kill the young" and "THE TIANANMEN MASSACRE". Over the basement the lower part of the sculpture is visbile, with the orange sculpted half-busts of the martyrs
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Hong Kong, a New Tiananmen is to be averted

It is forbidden to mention the Tiananmen massacre in China in 1989, and each year fewer yet know what really happened. But all media articles, fliers etc. on this subject have been collected by the […]

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Feeding and Cleaning Up, the EU believes in It

Between 1963 and 2005, the expansion of cultivated lands has increased by 32%. A good part of this increase was the need to feed farm animals. Consumption of meat in the Western world is considered […]

Punta di una penna color oro rivolta verso sinistra e con lettere incise sopra
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Healing in Waiting

“And the People Stayed Home”. This is how the poem starts that, in this period of quarantine and fight against the pandemic, has gone viral. It has a certain effects to use this term today, […]

The picture is a black and white photography. The image shows an indian road with several people walking around. In the foreground, a barefoot woman, dressed in poor clothes is sitting on the ground, with a pair of sandal, a bottle of water and some little bowl with seeds inside. Another sitting woman can be seen in the background. Both the women are overlooked by the passers-by
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No limit to opulence, nor even to hunger

The fact that poverty in the modern world is a scandal that the so-called civilized countries are to be ashamed of is not a news. But what we cannot get easily used to is the […]

A common debt in Europe? picture of a baseball cap full of banknotes
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Emergency times include Europe

A common debt in Europe to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic? At the European Council, the Portuguese prime minister Antonio Costa made it very clear “Either the European Union does what needs to be done or […]

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EU, collective debt?

How to deal with the reconstruction of the EU’s economy in the beginning stage of the pandemic’s overcoming, and after? Nine countries – mainly Mediterranean ones – would like to resort to a new collectivized […]

Photo, colours, a pile of old computers, monitors and e-waste
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The Global Waste Trade

Once upon a time there was the slave, emblem of that historic phenomenon of conquest of foreign territories carried out by the European powers since the 15th century. We all know it as ‘colonialism’. From […]