Vincenzo Consolo

Vincenzo Consolo, uno sguardo al “romanzo metaforico”

Sono passati 10 anni da quando Vincenzo Consolo ci ha lasciato per sempre.  Il grande Pablo Picasso, un po’ arrogantemente, amava dire: “io non cerco, trovo”. Altri, invece, cercano per poter trovare. Vincenzo Consolo apparteneva […]

in this black and white photo you can see "Covid -19 culture, gum side, lick at own risk

United in mail art

“The document UNITED IN MAIL ART reports the birth and development of this form of artistic expression known as MAIL ART … without a doubt, the largest in relation to the number of participants, extension […]

Black and white photo of Cesare Pavese, half body, suit and tie on dark background

Pavese, a Matter of Passion and Life

“I mari del Sud”. Some notes, on the occasion of poet’s 70th anniversary of his death   Seventy years have passed since the death of Cesare Pavese. Then he advised not to gossip. Today it […]

Gertrude Stein: her portait by Picasso

Gertrude Stein, between fame and failure

Gertrude Stein (1874-1946) disseminated the memories of her life in two important books, which are the most widely read ones among her extensive and partly still little known literary work here in Europe. In 1933 […]

Venice Biennale Dossier, contributions by Carmelo Strano, Elisa Guzzo Vaccarino, Alberto Friedenberg

The Venice Institution reinvents itself

New Times, New Drives CARMELO STRANO (*) The driving direction is changed, by thinking of the future as well as  of an mmediate commitment in the current emergency. Attention has been paid to the need […]

Disease and Literature: a consideration about culture and coronavirus, a picture of Virginia Wolf with her husband

We and the disease, between literature and Covid 19

I wait, absorb, accept From last to first of Your abuses. [Bartolo Cattafi, da Libertà,1980] Disease and literature Between 1926 and 1930, Virginia Woolf, the unforgettable author of Jacob’s Room, Mrs Dalloway, Lighthouse Trip and […]

class struggle today, drawings, Karl Marx says "I can't recognise me anymore", by Ben Bestetti

The new class struggle

Class struggle today, at the time of coronavirus Someone, something will have taken away half of life from every human on earth. For how long? Will it be enough to set off a new class […]


The Revenge of the Dragon and the Trade War

If we are to place a date of birth for contemporary China, we should choose the 1970s. To be more exact, February 1972, when the American president Richard Nixon went, for the first time, on […]

T-shirt bianca con le lettere nere maiuscole I N Y e a destra della I un groviglio di corpi intrecciati gli uni agli altri crea un disegno a forma di cuore.

Art, Architecture and Context

The works of most architects are about form, space, and structure. SITE’s work is about ideas, attitudes, and contexts. My definition of “de-architecture” is finding a way of dissecting, shattering, dissolving, inverting and transforming certain […]

Murales donna indiana pellirossa stile pop in ambiente urbano di periferia

KE’BEK-LEPAGE, the Photographs by Marzio Emilio Villa

On the occasion of the exhibition at the UniversitàStatale di Milano, within Bookcity 2019   Images are “symbolic complexes […] ‘connotations’ (multi-voices): they leave room for interpretation” (V. Flusser, for A ‘Philosophy of Photography’ (Folisofiadellafotografia), […]

A crowd of people demonstrate against Morales, in the presence of the police

Bolivia, Authoritarianism and Perspective

Last 20th October, in La Paz there was no one on the street: everybody was glued to the televisions to hear the results of the election day. On state TV, political analysts rejoiced for the […]