in this coloured photo you can see some pupils at school

Inequality and democracy

In a peremptory and perhaps disorienting way, some politicians and economists have emphasized three topics: a) There would be no necessary connection between democracy and equality, some degree of economic inequality is inevitable, democracy is […]

in the color photo you can see a shopping center with the Douglas and Sephora perfumery signs in the foreground

Stores are evolving

Social networks and smartphones’ role The digital revolution, caused by the massive use of social media, is defined by the TV presenter Tiberio Timperi as “the largest mass filing ever implemented before.” A special contribution […]

you can see Philip Kotler, a famous university teacher of marketing. He wears a red tie and a blu shirt.

Social marketing and storytelling

Marketing 4.0 is horizontal and it focuses on social media In horizontal marketing, which focuses on storytelling and relies on word of mouth among consumers, social media are more and more important. From four P […]

nella foto si vede il Professor Philip Kotler, un signore anziano che indossa occhiali, una cravatta rossa e una camicia celeste

Il marketing social e lo storytelling

Il marketing 4.0 è orizzontale e si basa sullo storytelling Nel marketing orizzontale che insiste nello storytelling e che si basa sul passaparola tra i consumatori, a farla da padrone sono sempre più spesso i […]

black and white photo of a city enveloped in fog

Quarantine, help against Coronavirus and smog

This assertion has been made not by a journalist looking for sensational scoops but by the well-documented researchers of the University of Notre Dame. The study, published in the prestigious  scientific journal Lancet, proves that […]

The picture represent the Recovery Fund sign. Each one of the white letters is in the center of a red stone and all the stones are on a dark concrete-like surface

The subculture of begging

Nobody wants the Recovery Fund In a paper published in this magazine, I pointed out that in the last fifty years Italy has accumulated a huge public debt due to the exorbitant interests imposed by […]

bicchieri bianchi sporchi e con la scritta Rewe sono accatastati gli uni sugli altri

Plastic, the US gives Africa waste as a present

Plastic recycling has proven to be unsuccessful. only a very small percentage of plastics – 9% – are usable in this way, the rest of plastics ends up in incinerators, oceans or poor countries. The […]

Financial crisis after Coronavirus: a briefcase full of banknotes

The global poverty

Financial crisis after Coronavirus The pandemic has not introduced and will not introduce any change in our society or in the global economy, ready to face a new financial crisis after Coronavirus. Rather it will […]

The photo shows the American Stock Exchange Building, a grey Art Decò palace with several windows and a US flag at the center

Germany wants to be shareholder in rescued companies

Germany did not participate in the industrial revolution of high tech. The US is the undisputed protagonist. The expansion of production in Eastern Europe and China has been attractive thanks to the profitability of Investments […]

donna con capelli legati, occhiali da sole, rossetto sulle labbra e sguardo rivolto lateralmente regge nella mano destra una serie di buste di colori diversi. La donna indossa capi d'abbigliamento invernali: sciarpa, cappotto, guanti in pelle

Testing product’s quality

A quality control used by a large number of consumer-oriented companies which produce and trade goods and services. A scenario to be interpreted according to pre-established guidelines. Three actors are involved: the customer (who concludes […]

A car and its aluminum parts, top and front view.

Aluminium affair, sustainability and Chinese threat

Interview with Mario Conserva, general secretary of FACE (Federation of Aluminium Consumers in Europe), editor of A&L magazine (Alluminio&Leghe), president of METEF (world-leading exhibition dedicated to aluminium). After steel, aluminium is the most widely used […]

On a white background stands a red tomato on top of which rests the stylized miniature of a man in the act of pushing a shopping cart.

Mystery shopper

He visits top company outlets like any other customer. During his visit, he is armed with a smartphone, tablet and notebook. The latter is very useful to write down all the step of the investigation […]

The Launch of the book “La Via del Network” by Luigi Baccaro. A photo of a room full of people watching the presentation shown on a huge central screen. A close-up of the author is shown on two smaller screen on the sides of the central screen. The cover of the book is shown on the side of the photo

Network Marketing, A Win for Business but not for Everyone

We often see them working outdoors, based in predefined zones. They often ring outdoor-bells in an attempt to promote/sell the products/services of the company to which they are registered. Francesco, Federico, Isabella, Marco, are respectively […]