this coloured photo represents a big stone between two walls
Contemporary art

Far from the Centre, but Very Active in the Arts

Middle East and Africa’s festival of contemporary art and museums are lively, innovative, with an eye to the east and one to the west. We at www.fyinpaper.comhave browsed these events and institutions, often catalysts of […]

Contemporary art

Venice Biennale Dance will open in October

The Venice Biennale prepares its autumn programs with a virtual exhibition The idea of ​​the body, available online in the section of the Historical Archive: Merce Cunnigham, Steve Paxton, Julian Beck, Meredith Monk and Simone […]

art dolls, love dolls, blond female doll with a red cape, sitting on a wooden chair
Contemporary art

Love Dolls, Patty Pravo and Madame Blanche

(Art dolls, Love dolls – The third and last part) 7. In a diary I find the note written by Madame Blanche, my ancient secret lover: “In the white room your sweet flesh-and-blood doll, as […]

Fotografia della performance Ritual Rumore dell'artista Vitaldo Conte. Conte e il gruppo femminile T Rose, composto da quattro elementi, sono vestiti di bianco, sul volto indossano maschere durante la performance.
Contemporary art

Noise, instinctive and artistic white

The Pan flute is still a possible reminder for our natural resuscitation. The ultimate art of noises and bodies meets the “drive dimension”, the one in which, according to James Hillman, the ancient gods took […]

Scena al Teatro dei Coraggiosi, al centro l'attrice Giovanna Summo illuminata al centro su di una balconata
Contemporary art

Fabrizio Crisafulli, Place, Listening, Relation

In his long international research as a visual artist and theatre director, Fabrizio Crisafullihas received various awards, including, in 2015, an honorary degree in Performance Design awarded by the Danish University of Roskilde. One of […]

Contemporary art

Body Art’s Masks

“Make-up is the art of showing-off behind a mask without bringing one” wrote Charles Baudelaire. Actually, in his Éloge du Maquillage (1863), he points out the need to use transfiguration to seek for a beauty […]