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Venice Biennale Dance will open in October

The Venice Biennale prepares its autumn programs with a virtual exhibition The idea of ​​the body, available online in the section of the Historical Archive: Merce Cunnigham, Steve Paxton, Julian Beck, Meredith Monk and Simone […]

art dolls, love dolls, blond female doll with a red cape, sitting on a wooden chair
Contemporary art

Love Dolls, Patty Pravo and Madame Blanche

(Art dolls, Love dolls – The third and last part) 7. In a diary I find the note written by Madame Blanche, my ancient secret lover: “In the white room your sweet flesh-and-blood doll, as […]

Fotografia della performance Ritual Rumore dell'artista Vitaldo Conte. Conte e il gruppo femminile T Rose, composto da quattro elementi, sono vestiti di bianco, sul volto indossano maschere durante la performance.
Contemporary art

Noise, instinctive and artistic white

The Pan flute is still a possible reminder for our natural resuscitation. The ultimate art of noises and bodies meets the “drive dimension”, the one in which, according to James Hillman, the ancient gods took […]

Scena al Teatro dei Coraggiosi, al centro l'attrice Giovanna Summo illuminata al centro su di una balconata
Contemporary art

Fabrizio Crisafulli, Place, Listening, Relation

In his long international research as a visual artist and theatre director, Fabrizio Crisafullihas received various awards, including, in 2015, an honorary degree in Performance Design awarded by the Danish University of Roskilde. One of […]

Contemporary art

Body Art’s Masks

“Make-up is the art of showing-off behind a mask without bringing one” wrote Charles Baudelaire. Actually, in his Éloge du Maquillage (1863), he points out the need to use transfiguration to seek for a beauty […]