Mark Oremland, his Mundolingua Museum in Paris

Mark Oremland, his Mundolingua Museum in Paris

Mundolingua is a very special, unique, museum. On show all kinds of objects related to language. Mark Oremland, after having run a travel agency between France and New Zealand (where he was born), decided to found […]

Vincenzo Consolo

Vincenzo Consolo, uno sguardo al “romanzo metaforico”

Sono passati 10 anni da quando Vincenzo Consolo ci ha lasciato per sempre.  Il grande Pablo Picasso, un po’ arrogantemente, amava dire: “io non cerco, trovo”. Altri, invece, cercano per poter trovare. Vincenzo Consolo apparteneva […]

Gianni Latino, un libro-contributo al Graphic Design

Gianni Latino, un libro-contributo al Graphic Design

Il Graphic Design  si è specializzato sempre di più negli ultimi decenni. Gli impulsi vengono dalle incessanti ricerche sperimentate lungo il XX secolo tra Stati Uniti e Europa. Ma negli ultimi decenni si sono fissati […]

Contemporary art

La donna d’arte smantella la tradizione

La donna-artista risulta sempre più affermativa nelle nuove poetiche. Privilegia talvolta, come elemento di ricerca, linguaggi diversi da quello pittorico, che è stato per secoli “appannaggio” (con qualche eccezione) della creazione maschile. Il fenomeno del […]

L'immagine mostra l'interno della Galleria Lorenzelli di Milano dove si tiene una mostra di piero d'Orazio. Nell'immagine sono presenti 3 opere. Due blu (una grande e piccola sulla parete frontale) mentre sulla parete laterale ne è presente una bianca di taglio. Tutte e tre le opere sono accomunate da fasce di vario colore verticali e parallele

Miart sfida la pandemia a Milano

Miart 2021 (oggi ultimo giorno) conferma le proprie sezioni: Established Contemporary, Established Masters, Emergent, Decades, Generations. Milano ancora una volta al centro del panorama artistico internazionale con la partecipazione di 19 Paesi con un totale di […]

in the black and white image you can see children locked up in a Nazi concentration camp, leaning on a barbed wire

Shoah: a moral duty and an intellectual commitment

In the present time, full of phenomena of intolerance, the day of remembrance assumes a particular value for the younger generations and calls for more in-depth reflection. What happened almost eighty years ago in Europe, […]

Photograph of the interior baroque facade of the Humboldt Forum, museum in Berlin

Humboldt Forum in Berlin

 The museum, a rich container Humboldt Forum is housed in a reconstruction, a perfect copy of the Stadtschloss that was the residence of the Hohenzollerns. Three sides are in the Baroque style, while the fourth […]

Uomo attaccato ad un ingranaggio volteggia nell'aria

Robots and the new frontiers of dance

Danza con me by Roberto Bolle on Rai 1 is a popular party which has welcomed 2021 in style, with 3,848,000 spectators and 17% share. This edition has focused on Vasco Rossi who presented his […]

in the black and white photo you can see an elderly man wearing a striped shirt, with his right hand resting on his right cheek

Two notes on Aldo Gerbino’s Lupin poem

Aldo Gerbino is a poet who moves everything: thoughts, moods, memories, perspectives, hopes, “perverse nostalgia”. He does this, simultaneously with the outside world, from “the late cicada among the sugary reeds” to the cosmos known […]

The picture shows the cover of Qiu Xiaolong's book "Processo a Shanghai". the picture shows two women in a red room. The one in the foreground is looking at the wall and wears black, while the one in the background seems to be sleeping

Inspector Chen Cao and the chaos of Shanghai

A mystery between the streets of Shanghai.. Solving a murder case by referring to a similar case which happened a thousand years ago is not bad for former Inspector Chen Cao. Thanks to the twelve […]

Text of the decree of the King of the two Sicilies which adopts the Spanish constitution as the constitution of the kingdom, becoming the first Italian constitution

200 years after that glorious 1820

Before the 2020 is over, it is good to remember what happened two hundred years ago in Naples. On 7 July 1820, the Italian Carbonari and in particular the Southern Italian ones, led by Guglielmo […]

the picture, shows three people seen from above . the three people wears blue shirt and black trousers and appear to be sleeping on a wooden parquet with a black lattice. Above the three people there are two balck birds and a dinosuar skeleton's tail

Nicola Galli, digital and performance art

Dance during the pandemic: Digital alternatives Creating dancing in the times of the pandemic is a courageous undertaking, of great inventiveness. This is while there is a debate between the supporters of the theatre exclusively […]

The pictures shows three books frontally placed on an oblique line. The colorful books (all edited by Les editions de l'Antilope) 'titles are "israel cotè femmes", "Comme deux soeurs" and "Camille Yassine et Lucy dans lescieux" respectively

Les Editions de l’Antilope, in Paris

The origins and the mission of l’Antilope Les Editions de l’Antilope was born in 2014 in Paris by two creators: Anne-Sophie Dreyfus and Gilles Rizier. The first had already worked for twenty years in the […]

The picture (on a grey background) shows the cover of the book "Tutta colpa del K-pop. Diario pannocchioso di un italiano in Corea" by Seoul Mafia. The autor is in the center of the picture, wearing an orange shirt. The South Korean capital, Seoul is on the background while the title and a manga-version of the author are over the picture

It is all k-pop’s fault

For love of K-Pop A very colorful book of wordsand pictures, almost a comic book, a story of rites of passage in a jokingly self-ironic form. These are common traits to many diaries or teenage […]

Alexander Ekman choreographer from Sweden, scene of his ballet, ballerina with umbrella, raining green balls

Alexander Ekman, Swedish dance is updated

Alexander Ekman, choreographer Alexander Ekman (Stockholm, 1984), studied at the Royal Swedish Ballet, where he entered at 16 years old. He has danced at the Junior Nederlands Dans Theater and at the Cullberg Ballet. The […]

in the color photo you can see colored confetti on a brown background and did you smile today?


Biographies dates follow each other run after each other they tangle and thin out what is  before and what is after superimposed prime numbers complex numbers overwhelming and quiet everything is history everything is present […]