Swedish Dance: a masked performance of "The Green Tale" by Kurt Jooss

The dance in the fjords

Swedish Dance There are 2 forges that nurture choreographic talents in Sweden, resulting in an entirely Scandinavian phenomenon, which, in 2000s, had established itself on the international stage, with a global projection. More choreographers-creators have […]

Photograph of Edward Lucie-Smith poet, artist, photographer.

Pulsating between biography and fantasy

Edward Lucie-Smith was born in Kingston, Jamaica, moving to the United Kingdom in 1946. He was educated at The King’s School, Canterbury, and, after a little time in Paris, he read History at Merton College, Oxford from 1951 to 1954. […]

Photo from the 1940s: people on the street pushing prams containing an elder woman and children.

Crémieux-Brilhace, France in 1939-1940

Wars and books The Great War inspired a number of books, from Henri Barbusse’s novels (Le Feu), Roland Dorgelès’ Les Croix de bois (Wooden Crosses), to Voyage au bout de la nuit (Journey to the […]

Arab World Institute in Paris, 2 men, Jack Lang and Claude Lemand

Jack Lang and Claude Lemand, Lebanon and its artists

A link: jeunesartistesduliban@imarabe.org. I immediately open with a call of the Arab World Institute in Paris for support (deadline October 2020) to young Lebanese artists touched by so many tensions, and now also by the […]

Alessandro Amaducci Screendance: a historical review

Alessandro Amaducci and his visual world

Video art, multimedia, photography, but also theater and music, between stage and screen, are long-standing loves for Alessandro Amaducci, author of Screendance. Born in Turin, university professor, cultured and eclectic vj, he now publishes an […]

this coloured photo represents a big stone between two walls
Contemporary art

Far from the Centre, but Very Active in the Arts

Middle East and Africa’s festival of contemporary art and museums are lively, innovative, with an eye to the east and one to the west. We at www.fyinpaper.comhave browsed these events and institutions, often catalysts of […]


Around the Ex-Saint Sophia Basilica

The Islamic world has just celebrated the sacrificial festivities, which commemorates Abraham’s offering of the life of his son, Isaac, to God. The ritual stoning of idols and devil’s depictions took place in Mecca. In […]

Paris literature, vintage picture, black and white, man from behind in front of a shop window

Novels and characters and their homes in Paris

Paris in literature Paris became a myth in French and in foreign literature as early as the 18th century. An example of Paris in literature: Restif de la Bretonne in the Nuits de Paris. In […]


Bernard Stiegler and the Demon of Technique

Bernard Stiegler has passed on a few days ago. He was, undoubtedly, one of the few leading philosophers who did not fight against technique. Indeed, he suggested to consider technique, an inner aspect of human […]

Bondage art, performance by Vitaldo Conte, girl tied to a chair, red background

A mask for Bondage Art

Bondage art 1 Those who love, in an all-encompassing way, elevate their life and voluptuousness to an art, which has the vocation to become a SubMission to Love. Its alchemical strings can wrap a body […]

PopPhilosophy, you can see a black and white portrait of a man with some red stains

Who is afraid of Pop-Philosophy?

PopPhilosophy From the analysis of the tv series to their dissemination, from the study of social media to their colonisation, from inquiries on sports practices to that of pornography, PopPhilosophy can be said in any […]

Translating literature into French, portrait of publisher Gaston Gallimard

Les Faits by Roth and other French translations

Translating literature into French: Philip Roth again After a long period of paralysis, the French publishing industry started printing and translating literature by foreign authors again, including  a new translation of The Facts by Philip Roth. […]

The picture represents the logo of Editions du Canoe. The logo consist of a stylized boat over a sphere, both composed by small white dots on a blue surface

Les Editions du Canoë in foreground

Les Editions du Canoë were created in 2017. The director, Colette Lambrichs, when she made this decision, wondered if the undertaking was presumptuous, too bold, in a nutshella little crazy. She did not want to […]

Photograph of the president of the MAXXI museum, inside the museum

MAXXI in perspective

For the tenth anniversary MAXXI museum in Rome, its president Giovanna Melandri and the artistic director Hou Hanru have organized a one-day virtual marathon, as you already usually do all over the world due to […]


The Moth

It got out of the darkness of an art gallery, flying, and so coming back to its species’ natural lightness. A fragile, staggering a little bit stunned appearance was the consequence of the acrylic glues […]

picture, exterior, colors, classical ballerina wearing a white tutu, sitting on black rocks, dance philosophy

Philosophizing into the dance

Dance Philosophy: behind and inside the Dance there are many more concrete and abstract hidden things than in the “dance danced”, as it appears in its visible form to the eyes of the people who […]

Disegno raffigurante un giocoliere. Ai lati ci sono 2 vignette e in alto è scritto in stampatello Angela Giordano. Il rispetto delle regole

The Juggler by Angela Giordano

Angela Giordano has been practicing a pattern made up by the fusion of her own main skills as a teacher and as an artist. A fusion based on a sparkling and above all combative tension […]

Contemporary art

Venice Biennale Dance will open in October

The Venice Biennale prepares its autumn programs with a virtual exhibition The idea of ​​the body, available online in the section of the Historical Archive: Merce Cunnigham, Steve Paxton, Julian Beck, Meredith Monk and Simone […]

art dolls, love dolls, blond female doll with a red cape, sitting on a wooden chair
Contemporary art

Love Dolls, Patty Pravo and Madame Blanche

(Art dolls, Love dolls – The third and last part) 7. In a diary I find the note written by Madame Blanche, my ancient secret lover: “In the white room your sweet flesh-and-blood doll, as […]