Fyinpaper is the online magazine you were waiting for. Why? Because it acts in the people’s interests, wherever they live. What do we mean by people? All of us, whatever our role in the society is. The middle class almost does not exist anymore, as well as intellectuals, that is those silent figures whom Fyinpaper will try to stimulate with attention to the more updated idea of daily thinkers.

A constant focus will be on the society/culture pattern and its relevant criticism, quality, good management and, last but not least, on peripheries which by now are to be considered as new centers, be they real or simbolic.

We deal with three time dimensions: short (articles), medium (dossier) and long term (essays). We have done this with the dossier Europe  and from now on we will deal with the complete site menu.

In the meantime follow us also on social media and send your ideas by clicking on Your Voice or Your Articles.

You will find daily updates (in both sites, English ad Italian) written by qualified, sometimes young, collaborators and by experts from academic community. Also, for the first time, we make the world of communication and the world of specialization meet, under the sign of culture and creativity,  suppported by a Scientific Committee at the moment formed by

SEBASTIANO GRASSO, poet, journalist, president of Italian section of Pen Club (poets, essaysts, novelists), headquarted in London; 

ROGER GUILLEMIN, Nobel Prize for Medicine and digital painter;

DANI KARAVAN, environmental sculptor, the first Unesco’s Artist of Peace, Praemium Imperiale from Japan  (the so called Nobel Prize for the Arts), Knight of the French “Légion d’Honneur”;

MIMMO PALADINO, painter, sculptor, engraver, theatre director, stage designer (he won the UBU Prize), filmaker, protagonist of Transavanguardia artistic movement, honorary member of London Royal Academy;

PAOLO PORTOGHESI, Emeritus Professor, architect theorist of Postmodernism as well as Geoarchitecture, former President of Venice Biennale;

GIOVANNI PUGLISI, Emeritus Professor, President and former Rector of IULM University in Milan, Deputy Vice President of Istituto Treccani, Rector of Kore University;

JAMES WINES, Distinguished Professor, architect, founder of Green Architecture, precursor of Decostructivism, President of SITE.


editor: Carmelo Strano

deputy director: Luca Vido

editor in chief: Roberto Salvini

editorial board: Giovanni Caruselli (department head), Chiara Conserva (department head), Letizia M. Costanzo,  Marianna De Vita, Lorenzo Di Stasi, Lorenzo Corrado Giovanelli, Emanuele Magri, Fabiola Mazzotta, Luigi Moiraghi, Fabio Muggia, Manuela Rapacchia, Ariel Soulé, Feuei Tola. Illustrators: Gabriele Artusio, Beniamino Bestetti, Alessandro Federico-Veca, Flavio Ferrarese, Riccardo Stefanelli.

Social Media coordinator: Patrizia Missagia

Graphic designer: Mario Di Mauro

editorial staff secretary 331 3242460