The ethical commitment which animates fyinpaper is practice, amidst the facts of social life, of the critical approach typical of culture, starting with the ground of creativity.

The combination of society and culture is the key to understanding the general views of the medium and long term, as well as the most significant current events, whether small or large. It is a goal to be reached through articles, dossiers, essays without neglecting the value that culture itself has for the mind and the senses.

In this way, in an era of hybridism and complexity, fyinpaper experiences the synergy between, on the one hand, communication and journalism; on the other hand, university and specialization (hence the presence of a Scientific Committee in progress).

for your interest (fyin). Whose? Of the people. We all are people now, with the sole exception of the whiteflies. They, directly or indirectly, manage the world without a strong contradiction, which used to be the “middle class”, now fragmented, scattered and oscillating. So, there is a substantial silence, also from the intellectual figure, who has been dormant or commodified for some time, and perhaps even without motivation, given that the West is no longer the center of the world.

Meanwhile, the figure of the daily thinker comes forward, bearer of a responsible common sense and of the true and living feelings on society. We all are daily thinkers, in continuous dialogue with those who do it by profession and who do not always express truth and life. A way to stimulate people to think always with new stimuli.

At a time in which free voices are dwindling, or perhaps close to disappearing, we feel the need to be there, together with our followers, with a commitment: to do our best. Particularly on these issues: the peripheries of the world, the suburbs of cities, quality, the principle of values, environmental emergencies, inequalities and, last but not least, poverty and hunger.


Scientific Committee

SEBASTIANO GRASSO, poet, journalist, president of Italian section of Pen International (poets, essaysts, novelists), headquarted in London

ROGER GUILLEMIN, Nobel Prize for Medicine and digital painter;
DANI KARAVAN, environmental sculptor, the first Unesco’s Artist of Peace, Praemium Imperiale from Japan  (the so called Nobel Prize for the Arts), Knight of the French “Légion d’Honneur”;

MIMMO PALADINO, painter, sculptor, engraver, theatre director, stage designer (he won the UBU Prize), filmaker, protagonist of Transavanguardia artistic movement, honorary member of London Royal Academy;

PAOLO PORTOGHESI, Emeritus Professor, architect theorist of Postmodernism as well as of Geoarchitecture, former President of Venice Biennale;
GIOVANNI PUGLISI, Emeritus Professor, Rector of Kore University;
President and former Rector of IULM University in Milan, Deputy Vice President of Istituto Treccani,

JAMES WINES, Distinguished Professor, architect, founder of Green Architecture, precursor of Decostructivism, President of SITE.


editor Carmelo Strano (*)

editorial board

 GABRIELE ARTUSIO (culture, drawing), BENIAMINO BESTETTI (drawing), ALESSANDRO CALABRÌA (culture, politics), GIOVANNI CARUSELLI (politics, social phenomena, culture), CHIARA CONSERVA (economics, culture, general coordination), LETIZIA COSTANZO (culture), MARIANNA DE VITA (graphic design,  photography), FABIO FOLLA (drawing), LORENZO CORRADO GIOVANELLI (sciences), EMANUELE MAGRI (culture),CAMILLA MANCINI (culture, graphic design), FABIOLA MAZZOTTA (politics, social phenomena), MARTA MECATTI (marketing, editorial board coordination), PATRIZIA MISSAGIA (social media management), LUIGI MOIRAGHI (economics, politics, culture), FABIO MUGGIA (culture), MANUELA RAPACCHIA (social phenomena), ARIEL SOULÉ (politics, social phenomena, culture), ELISABETTA STRANO (culture, drawing), FEUEI TOLA (culture, drawing).


editorial staff secretary 331 3242460




(*)Carmelo Strano philosopher interested in social phenomena and history of economics, critic, aesthetician, poet. Member of the European Academy of Science, Arts and Literature, and also of SIE (Italian Society of Aesthetics). Distinguished professor of Aesthetics (former full time professor for fame at the university of Catania and, previously, full professor at Brera Academy in Milan). Collaborator for international magazines and for the Italian mewspapers: Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, Il Sole 24 Ore, Il Tempo, L’Avanti. Theorist of Daily Aesthetics, scholar of our new epoch, his theories have been the recipient of prizes and awards from International Institutions in Amman, Brussels, San Diego, Paris, Cairo, Alessandria, Moscow. Founder, together with Pierre Restany, of Natura Integrale, a laboratory review focused on common sensibility (1979-1981, Guido Le Noci first and later Vanni Scheiwiller publishers). Editor of fyinpaper.com, a daily Geoculture journal, he collaborates to l’Arca Magazine and La Sicilia newspaper. Author of dozens of books and uncountable essays and articles; as a critic, has projected and curated big contemporary art exhibitions, some under the patronage of UNO, EU, and Venice Biennale.